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Re: User can't with correct credentials when domain is unreachable. @Dmitry88 in this case you may consider setup DirectAccess and replace it with VPN: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-access/directaccess/add-to-existing-vp... I would say, it is a bit challenging We can't sign you with this credential because your domain isn't available. Make sure your device is connected to your organization's network and try again. If you previously signed in on this device with another credential, you can sign in with that credential

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If you are using Windows 10 and you want to bypass the prompt and auto- in Windows 10 local user as well as the domain user, here are some simple methods to turn on that. If you enable auto in Windows 10, you would not have to enter the password, PIN, or use Windows Hello to sign in to Windows 10 computer. At the same time, you should know that you may not want to enable it if multiple persons use the same computer. Otherwise, your account will be widely open to others If you still can't sign in, try creating a new local administrator account, log in to that new account, then follow the steps in Fix a corrupted user profile to copy your personal data from the old profile into the newly created one. If you still can't sign in to your profile after these steps, we'd like to know. Please provide feedback using the Feedback Hub app on Windows 10 so that we can investigate the issue. (Feedback Hub is a public forum. Don't include personal information in your. Restart your computer and see if you are able to to Windows 10 using your Microsoft Account. 3. Clear Microsoft Account Credentials From Registry. It is possible that you are unable to Login to Windows 10 using Microsoft Account, because your logon credentials as stored on your computer are out of date or corrupted I have a problem with my Windows 10, after a domain change my Windows and Office applications doesn't with my Office 365 account. In Office applications a resolve this problem by deactivating modern in regedit and after this Office applications now can but Windows 10 not like, One Note for Windows 10 or Windows Store

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  1. . 3. Once at desktop rename PC to match PC name on domain i.e. Workstation001. 4. Add computer to mydomain.local and when asked for username and password I entered the credentials for the new user. 5. Restarted the PC and signed into mydomain\newuser without any problems. However now when I try to access the original local Ad
  2. Join Windows 10 to Domain. Restart client computer. Log in with the domain account. Customize your Windows desktop environment. That's all you need to apply for joining a Windows 10 PC to a domain Windows Server 2016 or another version of Windows server. Join Windows 10 to Domain Serve
  3. How to Enable or Disable Domain Users to Sign in to Windows 10 using Biometrics Windows Hello biometrics lets you sign in to your devices, apps, online services, and networks using your face, iris, or fingerprint. For more information about... User Accounts Disable Domain Users to Sign in with Picture Password to Windows 10 in Tutorials. If you like, you can sign in to your account on a.

On the Windows 10 PC go to Settings > System > About then click Join a domain. Enter the Domain name and click Next. You should have the correct domain info, but if not, contact your Network.. The username you use in the screen is from an account assigned from the domain, not the local account on the local computer. Normally, you don't need to use a local account on a domain-joined computer in anyway because if you need a local admin rights to do something, you can still use a domain admin account to do so. However, in some situations where you really need to log in as a.

Log off / Log back on under a domain administrator account. When logging in under this account, the Microsoft Store seems to work properly ; Log off / Log back on as a standard domain user (the user who will ultimately own the laptop) It's important to point out that when logging in as this user, the Windows Welcome screen stays up for about 15 minutes while the local user profile is building. You can join a Windows 10 device to the domain with the 2 methods covered in this guide. You can also use the NETDOM JOIN command line to join a computer to the domain. If you prefer PowerShell, use Add-Computer Cmdlet Why I can't sign-in with a local account, into my Windows 10, when off It says to sign in with my last password used on my PC, because I am offline. The last password is ofcourse of my local account, as thats what I use, but when I enter my local account password, it doesn't accept it Let's take a look at a little trick to to Windows with a local user account instead of a domain account. By default, when the user enters a username on the Welcome Screen of a domain-joined machine, and there is also a local account with the same name, the domain account will take precedence. We keep coming across people that don't know this little trick, so we thought it would be.

Re: Windows 10 can't see active directory domain on Windows Server 2016 Yes, that worked. I only looked at the ipconfig /all 's There is an active IPv6 DHCP server on the network which must be configured correctly or the easier option (assume router) is to turn off IPv6 DHCP server in router How to Enable or Disable Show Local Users on Sign-in Screen on Domain Joined Windows 10 PC A network based on a Domain provides centralized administration of the entire network from a single computer which is called a server. A Domain provides single user from any computer connected to that network within the network perimeter Ok, so i've just upgraded from Windows 10 Home to the Pro edition. The user account on the PC is currently linked to my MS account. However, this particular PC is for my two part-time workers who I want to be able to using their 365 credentials While both are joined to the same AzureAD domain, one accepts new users from that domain being added and the other does not. I am trying to add jessica@nkdagility.com to the machine so that she can . I have tried adding the user from the Windows with AzureAD\jessica@nkdagility.com and with jessica@nkdagility.com. And the.

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  1. If you go to the Login screen in Windows 10, you do not see the Guest account listed as a user account that you can use to sign in. Now that it is clear that you can't get the Guest account back in Windows 10 and you can't sign in with it, let's see how to fix the problems you have generated for yourself: If you chose the first solution and you have created a user account named Visitor.
  2. Then hit Active Directory account (domain account) and tap on the radio button to delete or change Windows 10 domain password. Eventually, you have resolved this Windows 10 domain issue. Now when you attempt to domain server in Windows 10 PC, it won't prompt active directory username or password is incorrect again. Everything will be okay as usual. By the way, if you are willing to increase knowledge about domain control, here is another post o
  3. Fortunately, you can still set up Windows to auto to your domain account using a registry trick. How to Set up Windows to Auto Login to Domain Account? Press the Windows key + R to bring up the Run box. Type regedit and hit Enter
  4. g mail server and port information; Outgoing mail server and port information; You can find all these information in your Doteasy Member Zone, under View Email Client Info
  5. istrators group. When logging in under this account, the Microsoft Store seems to work properly; Join the system to our domain; Log off / Log back on under a domain ad
  6. Starting with build 1607, Windows 10 does not allow the convenience pin for domain-joined logons by default, out-of-the box. Users who are running Windows 10 Version 1511 or earlier can do so without issue

I have a virtual server running Windows Server 2008 R2 joined to a domain. The guy who cloned the this server from another server of ours on the domain, didn't sysprep the clone before it was renamed and joined to the domain. So I ran sysprep then rejoined the domain, but now I can't to it with any domain accounts. It recognizes that it's a part of the domain, but only the local administrator can log in. I had a local account before sysprep, and it remained afterward. I deleted it. We can not sign you with this credential because your domain isn't available: Why can I not connect with a 169,254 IP Address By Christian 14/03/2020 30/01/2021 Leave a Comment on We can not sign you with this credential because your domain isn't available: Why can I not connect with a 169,254 IP Addres

I recommend a local account when using Windows 10 in kiosk/assigned access so you don't expose domain credentials. To do this (during operating system deployment using Configuration Manager for instance) we can simply run a PowerShell script While both are joined to the same AzureAD domain, one accepts new users from that domain being added and the other does not. I am trying to add jessica@nkdagility.com to the machine so that she can . I have tried adding the user from the Windows with AzureAD\jessica@nkdagility.com and with jessica@nkdagility.com. And the message is always workplace or school account cant be found When a Windows machine is joined to a domain such as Active Directory, a number of Windows UIs relating to accounts are changed (e.g. netplwiz). This makes sense since the Windows experience changes once bound to a domain. A mistake I frequently see technicians make is failing to fully remove an account when attempting to delete it

User can't with correct credentials when domain is

To switch from the Microsoft Account to Local Account, go to Settings and select Accounts. In Accounts settings. ensure that you are on the Your info section on the left pane and then click Sign in with a Local account instead When you log into a computer on that domain, the computer authenticates your user account name and password with the domain controller. This means you can log in with the same username and password on any computer joined to the domain. Network administrators can change group policy settings on the domain controller

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  1. Join a Device. Make sure the Windows 10 computer is registered with your Azure environment if you are not using logging into Windows 10 via a local account or domain account and want to take advantage of Windows 10 Azure AD features. Manage a Device. Read up on how to view your devices from Azure
  2. rights to do something, you can still use a domain ad
  3. Active Directory (domain join) On an enterprise network with a Windows server running as a domain controller, you can join a Windows 10 PC to the domain
  4. In case you are unable to Login to your computer even in Safe Mode, you can try the Startup Repair option as available in Windows 10 Advanced Startup options 1. Press and Hold the Shift Key on the Keyboard of your computer and click on Restart from the bottom right corner of your screen (See image below
  5. istrator account to make this work. Press the Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialog
  6. We're seeing this on all PC's joined during the OOBE setting up Windows 10. You set up the machine, with the domain/AAD account, set up the PIN, setup Office 365, about a gazillion times with the same credentials. When you go to the Accounts - Sync Settings you can't turn it on. We'd like to be able to have users sync settings with their AAD account. But even if you add an MSA account, sync settings is disabled. So you can't get any settings already set up and have to go through.

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If you go to the Login screen in Windows 10, you see the Guest account listed as a user account that you can use to sign in. If you click the Start button and then on your user account, you see Guest as a user account you can switch to But I am unable to . I am sure whether my username is correct. But my password is correct. And I am able to to the domain account successfully. Is there is a way to find out my username of administrator account? And how do I enter into my administrator account? Please help me with this. Thanks. Reply. Rob on August 29, 2016 at 11:12 pm I'm having the same problem. I've tried. If you're using Windows 10 Professional, you can create a local account by selecting the Domain Join option at the lower left side of the setup screen. If, for some reason, you don't see the Domain Join option, you can still use the same trick we've described above for Windows 10 Home, disconnect from the internet, and create the local account Cached domain logon allows users to log on to a Windows Active Directory domain even if no domain controller is available or if the client is offline and has no network connection. As useful as this feature is, it also has some downsides, which I will discuss in this post. I will also show you how you can disable cached [ Don't create a local account with the same name as the domain account. If you want to add a domain as a sql admins do as follows: create a for the domain account: create [AD\Sql1] from windows; add the to sysadmin group: exec sp_addsrvrolemember 'AD\Sql1', 'sysadmin'; Done

We can't sign into your account This problem can often be fixed by signing out of your account and then signing back in. If you don't sign out now, any files you create or changes you make will be lost. You've been signed in with a temporary profile You can't access your files, and files created in this profile will be deleted when you sign out. In this tutorial we'll show you 3 methods to remove Windows 10 computer from domain. Before getting started, you need to log on to Windows 10 with local administrator account instead of domain account. If you couldn't remember the password, PCUnlocker can be of help. Method 1: Remove Windows 10 Computer from Domain Using System Propertie Microsoft created two different types of accounts that can be used to log in to a Windows 10 device. A Microsoft Account is a connected account that is not tied to the device itself. A Microsoft Account can be used on any number of devices. Windows Store apps, settings, and data can be accessed from any device you sign in to via cloud storage. To purchase apps from the Windows Store, you must have a Microsoft Account Windows 10 now allows you to connect your device to both your personal and your enterprise clouds, within the same session. With Windows 10, you can add your personal account to a corporate owned device (joined to a traditional Windows domain or joined to Azure AD), or add your work account to a personal device (to which you signed in with your personal Microsoft account)

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Windows 10 provide a very convenient way of logging in to your Windows using a pin code. However, some users are experiencing problems with the Windows 10 pin . After a Windows Update, users can't sign in using their previous pin code. And this isn't related to users forgetting their pin codes. It seems like their old pin code has been. Disabling the password dialog on the Windows 10 Login Screen doesn't mean that your account should have a blank password. You can configure Windows 10 to automatically use saved credentials to logon to your computer. In all other cases, for example, when accessing your computer via the network (SMB) or connecting to a remote desktop (RDP. Default local accounts are built-in accounts that are created automatically when a Windows Server domain controller is installed and the domain is created. These default local accounts have counterparts in Active Directory. These accounts also have domain-wide access and are completely separate from the default local user accounts for a member or standalone server. You can assign rights and. Windows 10 comes with preinstalled windows mail app. This app provides an easy to use interface to receive and send emails from your Domain Email account. Windows 10 mail app also supports POP3 and IMAP4 protocols to access Email. It provides the easy configuration with which you can easily setup your domain emails account and gets emails.

Fix: Unable to Login to Windows 10 Using Microsoft Accoun

When you install Windows 10 for the first time, you'll choose between using a local or Microsoft Account. Microsoft Accounts are a new feature, and Microsoft doesn't want you to use a local account in Windows 10. The wrong choice here may force you to miss out on the great features offered by Windows 10 Section 1: Switch to with local account in Windows 10. When you sign in Windows 10 with Microsoft account, how to switch to log in with local account? Step 1: Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Your account in Windows 10. Step 2: Click the link Sign in with a local account instead under account, Microsoft account. Step 3: On pop-up dialog Switch to a local account. Windows 10's setup process now forces you to sign in with a Microsoft account. If you'd rather use a local user account, Microsoft says you should switch from Microsoft to a local user account afterward. Here's how

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Fixes an issue in which you can't log on to a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 by using a domain user account. Additionally, the computer returns no responses when you ping the computer from other computers in the domain No.3: Reset Windows account password. Note: Your computer will restart. If you cannot see the following interface after startup, the USB disk partition style may be GUID partition table (GPT), and you have to change it to MBR. Step 1: Click Next, you will see the following interface, you can select the account you want to operate and the feature you want to use. Feature 1. Remove account. Windows allows you to create several user accounts according to your needs, which can be useful if you are sharing your PC with many people. With that said, having multiple user accounts on your computer can also be distractive. By default, Windows 10 lists every user account on the screen. So, you might find it annoying if you have to.

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If the most recent user account that has signed into your Windows 10 computer or device was using a picture password, when you are at the screen, you see that user account and the picture that is used as a password. Below the user account name, you have two links: one for accessing other sign-in options for the same user account and one for switching users When you're stuck on the Windows screen and can't remember your password, all you really need to do is click on the I forgot my password link. This will direct you to Microsoft's website in order to reset your account password. You can then sign into your account and set up the automatic that will help you bypass the Windows screen. While logged into your computer, pull. With this setting enabled you receive the Other user dialog, where you can input your Microsoft account credentials. On a domain-joined workstation this setting may be controlled by your administrator. To determine the username of the Microsoft account on a Windows 10 computer, open the Windows User Manager (lusrmgr.msc), locate the. 5 ways to activate/hidden administrator account in Windows 10. There is a built-in Administrator account with blank password on Windows 10 system. If the default Administrator is not enabled, it is hidden in system, can't be seen by anyone. The built-in Administrator account has a lot of privileges to make changes on computer, such as change. As for SSMS window, I wouldn't trust what it displays. The swapping of network credentials happens much lower in the stack. It should send the user/password that you typed in cmd.exe, not the one displayed in SSMS. If it's not working, double-check that you typed your password correctly. I've often fat-fingered a password and you don't know that you have until the fails.

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I tried windows 10, but realized i could not use it without a windows account t sign in. So I went back to my 10 years old Toshiba with XP. I was thinking of getting a Crime Book but but after a few years you don't get support. So now I know I can bypass the account thing in windows 10, I will continue with Windows for now. I will buy a new windows laptop shortly. Tha KS for the article I can't find how to acces to admin account whic is created by installing Windows (as on Win XP where when you turn on computer by Safe mode, you have acces to account caled Administrator or something like that). If I could acces to that acc then I could make standard user acc become admin, and transfer all data from acc which is not accessible to accessible acc, it won't wanting pasword when I. How to Disable or Block Microsoft Account in Windows 10/8 . Microsoft account is allowed to add or create in Windows 10/8 by default. If you want to limit the use of Microsoft account in your computer, such as disabling Microsoft logon option, you would have to block or disable Microsoft account manually. So that you will not be able to Windows with Microsoft account, cannot add a. HP PCs - Managing User Accounts and Logins (Windows 10) When using a Microsoft account in Windows 10, you can do a variety of things. Information about the following topics is in the sections below. Access files from other computers and devices using OneDrive. Install Windows store apps you already own on other devices. Link all your contacts using the People app. Accessing files from.

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You can also create a new Windows user account manually from an elevated Command Prompt. This method involves doing everything manually but the advantage is you don't have to switch the active user. This will require you to get a little technical, but a lot of users have confirmed that it's effective in creating a new account where the approach using the graphical interface had failed Displaying the account name on the Windows screen is convenient for users, but reduces the computer security. An attacker who gained local access to a computer will have to pick up only a password (for this there are various ways of social engineering, brute force attacks, or a banal sticker with a password on the monitor). You can hide the last logged user name on a Windows welcome. Hello J., you can't create two separate domains on the same server, but you can create one big domain and then two sub-domains and then a computer can only be to one sub-domain. If this is okay with you, tell me and I'll do my best to provide you with more information on how to do that I've installed Windows 10 on my laptop previously (though it wasn't build 10130), and was able to do this without any issues. Note the below screenshots: As far as I can tell, there are no group policy rules preventing me from doing this. I'm using Windows Server 2012R2, and have the Block Microsoft accounts Group Policy set as Not Defined It's not obvious how to set up a VPN before the windows process but I have found the answer. You need to run the following command from an elevated Powershell window (right-click, - 'Run as Administrator). You will need to substitute VPN_NAME with a name of your choice and VPN_SERVER_ADDRESS with the IP address or domain address of your VPN server

This is the administrator account on a domain (Server running 2012 Standard R2) and I am trying to to the domain controller. No idea why it is refusing my password. No one would have changed it or been able to access it. Interestingly enough, a user couldn't yesterday and I had to pull the PC off the domain and rejoin it for it to be successful. Also noticed DHCP wasn't updating. 1.2 Method 2: Signing into your Microsoft account using the web browser. 1.3 Method 3: Making sure that We can't sign into your account is not a scam. 1.4 Method 4: Using Command Prompt to solve we can't sign in to your account error. 1.5 Method 5: Using the Registry Editor to regain access to your Windows account

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If you still receive the We can't sign into your account error message, then you will have to create a new user profile and move all your user data over to that profile. This is easier said than done and it may take a full day (or two, maybe more) to export old user data from programs such as Outlook (email), bookmarks, and other programs in order to re-import the user data into the new account - it all depends on how your user account is set up Steps as below: Step 1: Click on Windows icon to open Start menu, and select Settings . Step 2: Click on Accounts on the Settings screen. Step 3: Select the first option Your account on the right panel, and then click on the Sign in with a local account instead link A Managed Service Account (MSA) is a type of domain account created and managed by the domain controller. It is assigned to a single member computer for use running a service. The password is managed automatically by the domain controller. You cannot use a MSA to log into a computer, but a computer can use a MSA to start a Windows service. An MSA has the ability to register a Service Principal Name (SPN) within Active Directory when given read and write servicePrincipalName permissions. A.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 back in 2015, it offered the option to use an online account instead of a local computer account. Four years later, it's clear the company wishes it had never. I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller and a database server (W2K12R2/SQL Server 2012). As allowed usergroup I have given the group domain-admins sysadmin rights. But somehow any domain-administrator can't connect to that SQL Server, but when I add the domain-administrator user directly as allowed user it does work Advanced options to add new user account can be read in the below article. Add new user from windows command line. Disable/Lock a domain user account: Net user username /ACTIVE:NO /domain. To enable/unlock a domain user account: Net user id /ACTIVE:YES /domain. Prevent users from changing their account password: Net user username /Passwordchg:N

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Once you have added the computer to the domain remotely over a VPN connection, follow these steps - Login to Windows using a local computer account. Connect using VPN to the remote network where the domain controller resides. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del; Lock the computer; Hit Control-Alt-Delete again; Login using your domain account - it will work! Simple, huh When a device is setup for work, users can access securely and under compliance, apps, services and data using their work accounts (i.e. AD or Azure AD accounts). Windows 10 offers three ways to setup a device for work: Domain Join, Azure AD Join and through Add Work or School Account for personal devices. In all cases, devices obtain an identity with Azure AD (a.k.a. register with Azure AD) and come under the control of the organization (i.e. devices are managed by the org.)

I have a user with a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. The company has no local domain, so each computer logs in using their Office 365 / Azure AD account: <username>@<companydomain>.com. Has worked fine for months, but all of the sudden, the user could no longer to the Surface Pro. He is prompted with his full name for , which looks like a local userid (not the Azure AD ), but none of his passwords work. There are no other user accounts appearing on the screen to the lower. When Windows 10 starts, it shows you a screen and prompts you for a password. If you have more than one user account in your OS, you will be able to click the user image of the account you want and then enter the account password. Instead, you can make Windows 10 ask you to type the user name too and then the password at the log on screen. It is a good security and privacy measure. Here. In the value field, we need to enter the accounts which we allow to sign-in to the device. Where the documentation describes the CDATA tag <! [CDATA []]> needs to be used, this gives an error in the Intune portal (even though the policy is applied with success). You can just add the account in the value field You need to check the user account that the service is running under. By the sounds of things it is running as Local System which will try and pass the machine name through as the .. Try changing this to a least privileged domain user (or for testing, you could use your own account) and then granting that user a to the SQL Server After installing the Windows 10 Enterprise beta the first thing you'll notice is that Microsoft tries to make you sign into a Microsoft account immediately instead of giving you the option to first join your domain. If you sign in immediately and then join the domain later, you'll end up with two different profiles, bot

While the domain admin email account is already created for you, you will need to create all your user email accounts. You will need to to your account control panel to create your user email accounts. You can learn more about user email accounts and how to create them from our article How do I create a domain email address • In Windows 10, Microsoft has added the idea of connecting the individual to a personal Microsoft account. You don't with your name, you with the email address of your Microsoft account. You use the password of your Microsoft account. If you have an @outlook.com or @hotmail.com email address, then the password to log into the computer is the same as your email password If you install the latest version of Windows 10 Home—version 2004, aka the May 2020 Update —on a new PC, you will be prompted to log in with a Microsoft Account at the end of the setup process... The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship. I thought I'd just with the local admin account and remove and re-add the computer to the domain, but the local admin account is disabled

Step 1: Open Registry Editor. To do so, type Regedit in the Start menu search box or Run command box and then press the Enter key. Click the Yes button when you see the UAC (User Account Control) box. Step 2: In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to create a local administrator account to troubleshoot issues on your device, and we'll show you the steps to move to a new account when. Visit the Accounts section of the Windows 10 Settings App. Click to the Access work or school page and click Connect. In the Set up a work or education account prompt that appears, enter your.

Many companies provide two different windows account to any Administrator. One regular account (example SQLAuthority\Pinal) is used for general work like emails, to laptop etc. And another admin account (example SQLAuthority\adm_pinal) for administrative level tasks to be done on the server. The regular account would have no access to SQL Servers, but the admin - level account would. To make security stronger, the companies use a Windows account to connect to. [2] The default home directory is C:\Users\\ in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. In Windows XP, the default home directory is C:\Documents and Settings\\. For example, if the user account on a Windows 8 tablet is named Tim, the default home directory created when the account was the first setup was C:\Users\Tim\ The is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication. Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. These could be because the local credentials were passed, or because the username didn't include the domain prefix or used the wrong domain name. Double check all of the properties of the stored credential and recreate. Windows 10 does allow the VPN before you this case, the user's Right click on Computer — I'm now account is locked in Soft VPN Credentials Provider , as needed to domain via remote access join a Windows Domain for a Domain User an Active Directory so Active Directory almost with a VPN : possible to log on a VPN. Problem VPN client · Connect Integrated Authentication fails . Strictly spoken, the last one shouldn't be necessary if your domain controller can reach the internet, or at least the URL where the CRL's used in the EIDs, are hosted. If you use this registry key, make sure to remove a name mapping (more on that later) or disable the user when the EID is stolen or lost. An easy way to push these registry key is using group policy preferences

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Methods To Setup Auto-Login For Windows 10. There are a few different methods I'll touch on to bypass the portion of the Windows 10 boot up process. This article will detail exactly what you'll need to do in order to get this set up regardless if you're using a local user account or Microsoft account. The following methods are. You can't see the Windows 10 machine in Azure AD portal or You can't see the machine record in On Prem Domain? Or is this related to something else. There are couple of things here. 1. Do you have Hybrid Domain or AD (more details about the Hybrid AD in the above comment?) 2. Did you assigned Windows 10 enterprise license to that user from Azure AD? This is required to get the activation. Method 1: Switch over Accounts from Sign-in Screen on Windows 10. When you just start your Windows 10 PC the first thing that you come up with is your sign-in screen. Here you can switch between accounts. In case you have already started the system and want to get back to the accounts list in the sign-in screen to change the user account, follow the instructions shown below: Step 1. If you are. Now the next time you start your Windows 10 computer, it will automatically using the selected account. If you ever want to enable the prompt again, simply go back to the User Accounts screen using step 1 and 2, and check the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. box

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