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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) pupils are among the lowest achieving groups of pupils at every key stage of education, although some GRT pupils achieve very well at school.There are many complex. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils in schools in the UK: inclusion and 'good practice' Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. Type Article Author(s) Kalwant Bhopal, Martin Myers Date 2009 Volume 13 Issue 3 Page start 299 Page end 314 DOI 10.1080/13603110701748403 OpenURL Check for local electronic subscriptions Is part of Journal Title International Journal of Inclusive Education ISSN 1360.

The government research identified Gypsy/Roma and Traveller pupils as being strongly affected by many factors influencing their education including racism and discrimination, myths, and stereotyping (see DfE 2018). Recent national debate also suggests that exclusions in English schools has been a 'hot topic' in the UK with some media highlighting the sharp rise in pupil exclusions from. Historically, Gypsy/Roma pupils have had the poorest outcomes of any ethnic group in England in terms of attainment, attendance and exclusions.1 The number of Gypsy/Roma pupils in schools has been increasing over time and rose by 13.7% last year, from 16,735 in January 2013 to 19,030 in January 2014. ISSK incorporates The Virtual School for GRT pupils. We provide advice and guidance for teaching and support staff to help raise the achievement and inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children and young people in our schools and settings. We can also advise on parental and community engagement Of the two traveller groups recognised in England - the other being Irish travellers - the biggest increase in primary and secondary schools has been Roma and Gypsy pupils. Schools Week analysis shows a 37 per cent increase over the past four years, from 16,200 in 2013 to 22,312 this year, alongside a 10 per cent rise in Irish traveller pupil numbers, which reached 4,735 this year Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils in schools in the UK: inclusion and good practice. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 13(3): 219 - 231. [Google Scholar]; Myers & Bhopal, 2009 Myers, M. and Bhopal, K. 2009. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children in schools: understandings of community and safety

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9.2 School attendance 62 9.3 School admissions 64 9.4 School exclusion 64 9.5 Funding educational services for GRT children 65 9.6 Government action to support education of GRT children and young people 65 9.7 House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee inquiry report - recommendations on education 66 9.8 A Good Practice Guide for improving outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children. However, White Gypsy/Traveller pupils enrolled in school continue to have the lowest attendance rates of any ethnic group at 78.8% in 2016/17 compared to the 93.3% Scotland average. It follows that Gypsy/Traveller children and young people, and other mobile children whose attendance is irregular, are missing out on time in education compared to other children

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Evidence shows that children from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller backgrounds are among the lowest achieving groups at every key stage of education and are likely to have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic, due to lack of access to public services and digital exclusion, which impairs access to online learning. Backed by £400,000 government investment, over 100 children and young people. Gypsies and Travellers: Empowerment and inclusion in British society will be of interest to students, academics, policy makers, practitioners, those working in the media, police, education and health services, and of course to Gypsies and Travellers themselves.The eviction at Dale Farm in the UK in 2011 brought the conflicting issues relating to Gypsy and Traveller accommodation to the. White Gypsy and Roma pupils had the lowest score (23.3) in every ethnic group, girls had a higher average score than boys ; in every ethnic group, pupils eligible for free school meals had a lower average score than non-eligible pupils; 2. Things you need to know What the data measures. The data measures the results of pupils at state-funded mainstream schools in 8 GCSE-level qualifications. This is music to the ears of Phien O'Reachtigan of the National Gypsy, Traveller and Roma Council, who says what happened at the school in 2004 was terrible and a disgrace

Inside the UK's only Traveller primary school where kids are taught by ability, not age, and are often absent for months Crays Hill in Essex has 98 per cent Traveller pupils and kids rarely go. According to Ucas, only 70 students identifying as Gypsy, Roma or Traveller (GRT) in the UK were accepted into university last year - compared to 350,000 nationally

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She is also the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller ambassador for King's, with the aim that children from all of our communities not only have the same opportunities as everyone else but also don't have to lose any of their culture or history if they want to pursue those opportunities. Colin Clark colin.clark@acert.org.uk. Colin teaches applied social sciences at the University of the West of. inclusion in education - our work is about addressing institutional racism, unconscious bias, negative stereotyping and low teacher expectations, as well as the wider structures and practices that create the context within which school exclusions exist. Our research In the Autumn of 2020, the NME Volunteer Research Team issued Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to schools and academies.

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The purpose of this website is to support school staff and other professionals in meeting the needs of Black and minority ethnic, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Young People. On our home page you can view news, most recently added documents, EMTAS web links, and click on links to our 'Events Calendar' and 'Contacts' page. Using our drop down navigation at the top of the page you can. 2 State of Children's Rights in England 2018 Briefing 6 Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities Article 18(3) States Parties shall ensure the children of working parents benefit from childcare services and facilities. Article 19 Children have a right to be protected from all forms of violence. Article 23 A disabled child should enjoy a full and decent life in conditions that ensure dignity Service have been major forces in fostering the social inclusion of Roma, and were regarded by schools and local authorities as a model of good practice. Through Equality's ongoing cooperation with local authorities,practitioners, and statutory and non-statutory service providers working with Roma in the UK,we gradually came to learn of other cases of Czech and Slovak Roma children who had. This pupil is from the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community (GRT). In the text of Dracula, there is explicit racism against the traveller community. All of the baddies, on Dracula's side, are travellers from Eastern Europe. As the teacher, you do not pick up on this particularly, you have taught this text many times and it is not something you would think about The Inclusion Report, Sure Start for Everyone, suggests strategies that LAs could adopt to improve the engagement of families who might feel excluded from early education opportunities. This report, in common with the practice guidance for Gypsy Roma Traveller families, and the Children's Centre toolkit, stresses the importance of cultura

Pupil absence in schools in England: autumn 2018 and spring 2019 10 October 2019 The overall absence rate has decreased The overall absence rate in state-funded primary, secondary and special schools has decreased from 4.7 per cent in the 2017/18 autumn and spring terms to 4.5 per cent in 2018/19. This decrease is consistent across school types. Authorised absence has decreased (from 3.6 to 3. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children feel excluded from mainstream education Professor Kalwant Bhopal has conducted research with GRT children and found that they don't feel represented in the school curriculum: parents believed that their histories were not adequately represented, and were uncomfortable with sex education being done in school, as this was something usually done within the. Thomas Acton first pointed to the practice of claiming to have 'pure Gypsy blood' as a means of asserting an individual's right to travel, while scapegoating other travelling communities: 'I'm a real Gypsy/Traveller/Romani, and we don't do that, only the (ethnic category name with pejorative overtones)'. He observed that the effect of this 'transference of blame' was to. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children; learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) young carers; children at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. Not all learners from these groups will face barriers to learning or be vulnerable to underachieving. Learners from these groups may face a range of barriers to achieving their potential and will, therefore, require different solutions and support.

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  1. This statistics publication provides data from the January 2020 school censuses on pupils with special educational needs (SEN). It also provides information about special schools in England. The publication includes breakdowns by type of SEN provision, type of SEN, age, national curriculum year group, gender, ethnicity, English as a first language and free school meal eligibility.</p>
  2. boys, children living in poverty, Roma, Gypsy and Traveller children, children with disabilities, children in care and newcomer children underrepresented in grammar schools: 2.5% of grammar school pupils are entitled to FSM, compared with an average of 13.2% of pupils in all state funded secondary schools. This is due to the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their peers at.
  3. • a focus on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning • successful preparation for adulthood, including independent living and employment. 5 P -Ev Bilingualism should not be considered as a disorder. Research shows that it does not cause communication difficulties. There is no reason why the prevalence of speech and language problems should be different for bilingual pupils as.
  4. s2s (school-to-school) Lost Pupils Database and are consistent with and support local child protection best practice. For the purposes of this document 'child' refers to anyone of statutory school age. This policy is intended to ensure that: • robust systems are in place in Harrow to identify and track children at risk of, or who may be missing education • schools and Council Officers.

Widening participation is one of the eight strategic priorities for King's College London. Each year we develop an access and participation plan with the Office for Students (OFS) that sets us clear benchmarks for our progress in supporting key groups.. At King's we believe a diverse study body enriches the education that we offer olds . . . that was a big reason for leaving school. Traveller Boy age 16 It would be a good idea to have settled people and Travellers together in books in schools . . . That might make them stop calling us names, reading about how Travellers lived in the old days . . . Traveller Girl age 11 1. Travellers in Education Traveller's Educational status is considerably lower than that. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children; learners eligible for free school meals (FSM) young carers; children at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. Not all learners from these groups will face barriers to learning or be vulnerable to underachieving. Welsh Government has set out a series of principles for determining which learners should be offered face to face provision as vulnerable learners. If.

In the last two decades schools have adopted an increasingly inclusive approach to pupils from a variety of different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. But there is one group of children whose differences and specific needs are often overlooked - Gypsy traveller children. Gypsies are thought to have arrived on English soil about 400 years ago. Researchers believe they left the Indus. Payne M (2016) The inclusion of Slovak Roma pupils in secondary school: contexts of language policy and planning. Current Issues in Language Planning, 18(2), 161-180. View this article in WRRO; Payne MI & Hammond E (2016) Nurturing Slovak Roma Pupils: university-academy project challenges and strategies FOREWORD This yearbook covers some of our key activity in 2019. It is testament to the hard work of staff from across King's. It exists, like all our work, through the enthusiasm and dedication. Pupil characteristics. Our analysis has also isolated certain ethnic groups falling behind. Black Caribbean pupils start off with average attainment but fall behind through primary and secondary school. By the end of secondary school there are very few Travellers of Irish Heritage and Gypsy / Roma pupils amongst the top 50 per cent of performers The Roma News Project was born from the need to bring relevant information to the Roma communities in the UK. Its aims are also to enhance media skills and the participation of Roma, who are passionate about such work and to give a voice to those that need support.. The project also intends to raise awareness of concerns in Roma communities. Our dream became a reality with support from the.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Families 23 Safety on the internet 24 Advocacy/mediation 25 Children's advocacy 25 The Children's Commissioner for Wales 25 Mediation between parent/carer/child 26 Mediation between parent/carer/school 26 Accessing support services 27 Health services 27 Immunisations 27 Screening programmes 27 Eye tests 28 Dental health 28 Healthy Child Wales 28 Health visiting. Irish Travellers (Irish: an lucht siúil, meaning the walking people), also known as Pavees or Mincéirs (Shelta: Mincéirí) are a nomadic indigenous ethnic group whose members maintain a set of traditions, and are one of several groups identified as Travellers.They are predominantly English-speaking, though many also speak Shelta, a language of mixed English and Irish origin

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  1. In 2017, Douglas Ross said 'tougher enforcement against Gypsy Travellers' would be his priority if he were PM for a day 'Tinks', 'pikeys', 'gyppos': racist names, you can take that.
  2. ority ethnic pupils; Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils; lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils; transgender pupils; young carers; and other vulnerable groups. [35] In April 2014, eligibility for pupil premium funding was extended to looked after children who have.
  3. You may agree with school that a part time placement is a good thing initially, but when your child is statutory school age they have a right to a full time place. We therefore recommend that any arrangements like this have a clear aim and an agreement as to when it will end and the child will start full time. Similarly, for a child with a medical condition, recovering from illness, or who is.
  4. Actual violence was more likely to always take place at school compared to other forms of bullying; Research from the Anti-Bullying Alliance in 2016 with over 13,000 pupils aged between 7 and 15 across 44 schools in the UK found: 1 in 4 children reported they were bullied a lot or alway
  5. 'Every day, 35 pupils (a full classroom) are permanently excluded from school. Only 1% of them will go on to get the five good GCSEs needed to succeed. Only 1% of them will go on to get the five.
  6. English as an additional language. The English as an additional language (EAL) service supports both early stage EAL learners and more advanced bilingual/multilingual learners in relation to the acquisition of English.This guidance is aimed at teachers, parents, EAL coordinators, subject leaders and teaching assistants. The aim is to share knowledge and practice in this specialist field such.
  7. Schools should seek to involve and work with parents and should particularly target those from the groups that are least likely to engage in their children's education, such as poor white British and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) groups. Schools should avoid setting, particularly at primary level, and government should discourage schools.

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  1. We have heard countless stories of people from Gypsy and Traveller communities who are afraid to go into work out of fear of what others might think, of businesses who have lost customers and of many parents who are afraid to send their children back to school when the time comes because of fears of racist bullying. You can find below just a handful of stories we have heard in recent months
  2. Moving between schools can be more common for Travellers, Gypsy and Roma children, for those whose parents or carers are in the Armed Forces, for children and young people with additional learning needs or those who are looked after. Children who are new to the country may also struggle to settle in or feel that they belong in their new school environment. Read more. What schools and further.
  3. * Independent Schools Council (ISC) Indian pupils are less than half as likely to truant than Black Caribbean and mixed ethnic students. Pupils of Gypsy/Roma or Traveller of Irish Heritage backgrounds have the highest rate of permanent exclusion, and Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi pupils are less likely than White British students to be expelled. There are significant regional variations in.
  4. Refugee and asylum seeker children aged 5-16 have the same entitlement to full-time education as other children in the UK. Good practice. Be aware of refugee and asylum seeker children Local authorities and schools are required to demonstrate an awareness of diverse groups of pupils and their different needs, including refugee and asylum seeker children. Effective admission and induction.

Demie, F (2005).Achievement of Black Caribbean pupils: good practice in Lambeth schools, British Educational Research Journal, Volume 31, Issue 4, pages 481-508, August. Demie, F. (2003). Raising the Achievement of Black Caribbean Pupils in British Schools: Unacknowledged Problems and Challenges for Policy Makers, London Review of Education, Vol. 1, No. 3, and p. 229‐248. Demie, F. (2001. • By the end of the 2012/13 school year, the percentage of boys in key stage 2 achieving Level 4-plus in mathematics will increase from 68 to 73 per cent, and to 80 per cent by the end of 2013/14. • The attendance rates of Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils will improve year-on-year to meet a target of 90 per cent attendance by the end of 2015/16 Just over 44% of black Caribbean pupils gained five good GCSEs in 2006 compared with an average 56.9% of pupils. Just over half of black African pupils and 46.9% of mixed white and Caribbean pupils reached the GCSE benchmark. Girls outperformed boys - with the biggest gap being among black Caribbean pupils: 16.5 percentage points. The new Department for Education and Skills figures on. school, or involved in planning changes in the school or local community, there were valuable educational outcomes and increased pupil motivation. (See number 39.) 8. The concept of the 'eight doorways' (food and drink, energy and water, travel and traffic, purchasing and waste, buildings and grounds, inclusion

Schools have their positions in the hierarchy of the local market place, and that position is reflected in the degree of (explicit) selectivity the schools exercise in their admissions of pupils, as well as their exam results and perceived status in the locality (there are 163 entirely selective state-funded secondary schools, and they educate 5% of the total school population (Department for. UK-Air annual mean PM 2.5 concentrations around schools for 2017 were joined to pupil characteristics data for the 2017/2018 academic year , including ethnicity data, and information on the percentage of pupils in each school claiming free school meals (%FSM), often used as a school-level disadvantage metric

With decades of research and data behind us, we know that black and brown boys and Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller children are statistically far more likely to be excluded than other pupils. We. This article has provided a new analysis of Scotland's approach to school exclusion and drawn comparisons with larger patterns and trends, policy and practice across the UK, drawing on data from our larger UK‐wide project on trajectories of school exclusion. The findings from this analysis—of exclusion statistics, national policy and guidance, and interviews with a small sample of key. London pupils to continue to achieve significantly better than the national average at all key stages There are over 3,000 schools in the capital, and 92 per cent of state-funded schools are good or outstanding7. Although nearly all schools in London are high performing, 97,000 pupils are being educated in schools rated by Ofsted as less than. Schools are a means of teaching children to be 'good little proletariat workers.' I understand the need for uniform to avoid bullying and some sort of recognition that all pupils are from the same.

Schools may not feel they have the capacity to educate pupils with significant behavioural, special educational needs and disability (SEND) or mental health needs. It has also been claimed that schools are deliberately managing out pupils who will detrimentally affect performance measures and league table rankings - a practice known as off-rolling An Act to make provision about education, childcare, apprenticeships and training; to make provision about schools and the school workforce, institutions within the further education sector and Academies; to abolish the General Teaching Council for England, the Training and Development Agency for Schools, the School Support Staff Negotiating Body, the Qualifications and Curriculum Development. This briefing examines data and evidence on school pupils in England with English as an additional language (EAL), which includes both children who have moved to the UK from overseas and those born in the UK. It examines information on the number and distribution of EAL pupils and summarises findings on their outcomes, drawing in particular on an in-depth analysis by the author in the recent. Ensuring that each individual has an equal opportunity for educational progress remains a challenge worldwide. Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education and the Education 2030 Framework for Action emphasize inclusion and equity as laying the foundations for quality education.. The UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (1960) and other international human rights treaties.

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  1. This compares to 24% of the overall England and Wales population who were under 20 * Gypsy or Irish Travellers born in non-UK countries was double the proportion for England and Wales as a whole--8% compared to 4% * The majority of people who identified as Gypsy or Irish Travellers identified with an English only identity (66%) and were Christian (64%) * Gypsy or Irish Travellers had the.
  2. In February 2021, the Anti-Bullying Alliance surveyed pupils, school staff and, parents and carers Read more. FREE online anti-bullying tools and training. During this time we want to share the free online anti-bullying tools and resources that we and ou Read more. Latest tweets. Children that bully may be trying to 'impress' others or have experienced bullying themselves. It is.
  3. Around a quarter of Gypsy and Roma pupils achieve a good level of development at the age of five, making them around three times less likely to do so than the average. The disparity is worse at key stage 4. In 2015, the attainment 8 score for Gypsy and Roma pupils was 20 points, compared with the English average of 50 points, and 62 points for Chinese pupils. I asked the Children's.
  4. Inclusion in education refers to a model wherein students with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-special (general education) needs students. It arise in the context of special education with an individualized education program or 504 plan, and is built on the notion that it is more effective for students with special needs to have said mixed experience for them to be more.
  5. Travellers Page 9 9. Elective Home Education Page 10 10. School Transition Page 10 11. Children Not on Roll in a Wakefield School Page 11 12. Children Not of Statutory School Age Page 11 13. Advice for Professionals and Agencies Page 12 14. Removing a Child a from School Roll Page 12 15. Contact Information Page 13 16. Appendix A - Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations, 2006 Page 14 17.

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  1. There are nearly 300,000 pupils across schools in England who are persistently absent from school, missing an average of six weeks of school each year and often a lot more. Poor attendance is the first step in a long-term cycle of low attainment, anti-social behaviour, crime and unemployment, generation after generation. However, we also know that with the right interventions, persistent.
  2. Gypsy/Roma students and pupils who were travellers of Irish heritage had the highest rate of exclusion: they were both six times more likely to be excluded than all students. But the Department for Education said these figures should be treated with some caution since these groups of pupils are quite small
  3. developing and delivering the curriculum and classroom practice. Schools must address their various DDA duties together in a way that brings greater benefits . to disabled pupils, staff, parents and other users of the school. Using the self-audit table in this booklet to develop an inclusive approach to your teaching will help you carry out these duties in your subject. Including pupils with.
  4. This is a focused study of a general issue, namely the impact, in practice, of physical spaces on human health and wellbeing. Primary schools are a good focus to address this knotty problem as: the pupils spend most of their time in one space (the classroom); there are available measures of their (in this case academic) performance; and maximising pupils' achievement is an important societal.
  5. Extended schools and services - theory, practice and issues. In an attempt to emulate full-service schooling initiatives in the USA an English scheme looked to develop extended schools providing a range of activities and services often beyond the school day, 'to help meet the needs of its pupils, their families and the wider community'
  6. A month of events and special series of TV shows aims to change the perception of Gypsies in Wales, and there's not a wedding - big, fat or otherwise - in sight

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As in previous years, pupils of Gypsy/Roma ethnic groups had the highest rates of both permanent (0.39) and fixed period exclusions (21.26), followed by Traveller of Irish heritage ethnic groups at 0.27 and 14.63 respectively. The fixed period exclusion rate for Travellers of Irish heritage has decreased from 17.42 to 14.63 of pupils throughout their school career - from primary to secondary school - and form an essential support to the lifelong learning process. The terminology used in the Guidelines is generic and the Guidelines have been distributed throughout the UK. However, primary schools in Scotland should use the Guideline

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Perhaps UK schools might want to consider what one American high school did to allow its band to practise, left. At Wenatchee High School in Washington state, the young musicians were positioned. Science and technology curricula in UK schools are 'not fit for purpose' and need to be updated to help pupils 'change the world for the better', teachers have warned Indeed, it is a specific recommendation in the recent Home Office good practice guide on managing unauthorised camping that health authorities and trusts, as well as local authorities, the police, and Gypsy and Traveller organisations, should be involved in needs assessment, information gathering, and planning.29 It would be beneficial for the local community paediatrician to be included.

The Good Schools Guide 22nd Edition with a month's subscription - £60.00+p&p It is highly opinionated: the only guide that offers parents a genuine flavour of what a school is like. The Daily Telegraph. Over 1,200 in-depth reviews of leading private and state schools, for children aged 3-18, in the UK. These cover everything you want. Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion - the 'golden threads' of effective practice . Thematic report | 4 March 2021. English language and literacy in settings and primary schools . Thematic report | 4 March 2021. Welsh language acquisition. Thematic report | 28 January 2021. Post-16 partnerships - Shared planning and provision between schools, and between schools and colleges. the underlying causes of child poverty through the Mayor's Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. london.gov.uk About this guide This guide contains key lessons for schools on developing initiatives to tackle child poverty. These are drawn from a research project involving a review of published literature, interviews with practitioners around the country and research in a small number of. Lessons Learned In 2018: Schools Must Do More To Foster Diversity And Inclusion This year saw a slew of headlines exposing apparent racial bias across schools in the UK Downing Street has hit out at discrimination Pontins were found to have shown against people from Gypsy and Traveller backgrounds, slamming the holiday firm's behaviour as completely unacceptable

Cambs slammed for one of the worst school exclusion rates

Good school design matters. It is about the education and life chances of young people. Evidence shows a clear link between well-designed schools and pupil performance and behaviour. Good design alone doesn't raise standards, but bad design impacts on the quality of teaching, the aspirations and self-perception of pupils, and the sustainability of a school. Successful school design is the. Schools across the UK are planning and providing blended learning and remote education where needed due to COVID-19. Our range of online and print solutions, top tips and guidance are here to help teaching and learning continue anytime, anywhere. Visit support page for remote teaching and learning. Qualifications. Supporting schools, colleges and teachers with the delivery of our. During that time the schools' results and Ofsted grades improved dramatically gaining Outstanding judgements in many areas from Inadequate and pupil numbers rose from 250 to 1100. He has worked nationally as a Local Leader of Education (LLE) supporting schools in difficulty across the West Midlands and internationally with The British Council in Sudan, Singapore, Spain and with colleagues. Good practice in a primary school. Offering children opportunities to revisit early learning skills to support their social and emotional development and move forwards successfully as lifelong learners is the overall aim of Saplings Nurture Provision at South Rise Primary School in Greenwich. South Rise is a large, three form entry, primary school with 689 pupils. It serves a diverse community. 'You must be mad! was the frequent response when I was a School Travel Plan Adviser at Hackney Council, talking to parents about cycling to school with their kids. Look at the state of the roads! they'd say, referring to the lumbering double-decker buses, careering tipper trucks, zooming mopeds, a myriad of manic cars, and gaggles of older pupils spilling out into the road

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Worcestershire County Council are no longer able to offer a central School Uniform Grant. However, individual schools may choose to offer their own help with school uniform schemes. Please make enquiries directly with your child's school to find out if they are able to help may need an extra (official) document signed by their parents, second parent or legal guardian(s) authorising them to travel. There are no EU rules on this matter, each EU country decides if it requires the child to have an official authorisation from their parent(s) or guardian. Check the exact. All course modules provide examples of good practice in pedagogy which you will reflect upon as you develop your own teaching style - you will be expected to actively participate in your own learning and development. Teaching on the course comprises a variety of methodologies that will prepare you for life in the classroom including teacher-led discussions, pupil-led exploration, peer-group. Poor attendance often starts at primary school, and children who fall into this pattern are likely to underachieve at secondary school. Pupils who miss between 10 and 20% of school (that's 19 to 38 days per year) stand only a 35% chance of achieving five or more good GCSEs, compared to 73% of those who miss fewer than 5% of school days

One in five Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children never gets

UK schools, colleges or home school groups can apply for grants of up to £600 for small-scale projects or events linked to the teaching or promotion of physics and engineering to pupils aged 5-19. Grants can support a wide range of projects such as school-based science weeks, extracurricular activities, science clubs, careers events or a visit from a working physicist or engineer. Grants can. The Good Schools Guide is often written by parents, but always for parents. The Guide does not take advertising from schools nor are there any fees or retainers paid. Thus, it is able to be impartial

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